The Prophetic Voice of Our Time

The Promised Land: Taking Dominion and Influence by His Spirit

"So often we're playing catch up with a trend set in Hollywood or maybe a trend on the radio right? We're letting the world set the standard and we're trying to compensate for that, we're trying to counteract it. That's not the purpose and that's not the vision that God has for the body of Christ, and that's what the purpose of the transfer of wealth influence and affluence is about that we would be influencers... Because they had faith in God, they knew that if God said that He was giving them the land then that’s what it would be, that the land would be theirs. That’s the attitude that we need to have when God speaks a word over us, no matter how impossible it seems at the time. When God speaks a word over us, we have to realize that it doesn’t matter what giants [or] what mountains we face. We have God on our side.”

Joshua ch 1

Ephesians ch 1

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