The Prophetic Voice of Our Time

God's Calling Upon and Word Through the Body of Christ

Understand that being led by the Spirit, fulfilling your calling in the body of Christ, does not necessarily mean that you’re going to be preaching. Being a preacher, standing in front of a podium, that is not the be-all end-all. Some of you are going to be called to be preachers and ministers, but some of you are called into the media industries. Some of you are called into the political sector. Some of you are called into education and the financial sector. Ok, and we know, God knows, that all of those areas need revival. All those areas need the body of Christ in authority. Competent, anointed men and women of God need to be in those industries. So we shouldn’t try to push people just to be a pastor. We shouldn’t put being a pastor up on pedestal because that’s not the ultimate position, ok? Your ultimate position is wherever God sends you. So if God is sending you to the media, that’s the ultimate position for you, ok? Because each of us, we’re the body of Christ, right? We’re made up of different parts...

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