The Prophetic Voice of Our Time

Accelerated Manifestations for the Body of Christ are Here

This is what the Lord is saying to the church right now: “the acceleration of the manifestation of the harvest season for the body of Christ [is here].”... So believe and trust Him, and take your post. This is the time that we will be harvest all the good seeds that we have planted and it is the intent of God to really bless His people... We are commanded in the Bible that we need to pray for all of our political leaders… He didn’t say attack them or defend them. He says pray for all those that are in authority, and we need to obey and follow that instruction. Don’t focus on the negative, especially in 2019. Focus on the goodness of our God. Focus on the plan of God, and also the vision and the plan He released for 2019 and you need to receive those prophecies by faith and you need to follow the instruction to the letter. You and I need to be informed. Again, you can listen to last week’s broadcast, the first instalment of the prophecy to the church and nations… and we will continue to share the prophecies released, even today.

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