The Prophetic Voice of Our Time

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The Prophetic Voice of Our Time is a weekly radio show hosted by Pastor Cristina Sosso. It airs every Saturday and Sunday on AM 630 the Word in South Texas at 5:00 PM. Join Pastor Cris as she covers a wide range of topics including: The United States of America, prophecy, developing a relationship with Jesus and more. New episodes are added to the podcast every Monday.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 473: Being Led and Breaking Free From Doctrines

    Stop trying to lead God. Break free from your own doctrines and allow God to lead you instead. Allow yourself to be uncomfortable, and don't be surprised if the how/where God leads you is unconventional. There has been a shaking so that God can ...


  2. Episode 472: God's Judgement and Not Giving in to Fear

    Expect your miracle from the Lord. God has heard our prayers and the turning around of our country is here and now. Continue to pray for our leaders, and don't wish for the harsh judgment of the wicked. Focus on Him and his goodness. ...


  3. Episode 471: Focus on the Light

    Don’t focus on the negative, but on the light. Do what you can today and step into the Holy Spirit before it's too late. God's judgment will soon cover the earth; everything that can be shaken will be shaken until the things of God ...


  4. Episode 470: Equality in Christ and the Importance of the Passover

    Be a part of this great move of God! Your actions should align with your faith. Spend time with Him, and do not wrong or take advantage of others. Learn about the importance of the Passover, and how we are all equal in Him. ...


  5. Episode 469: Let God Strengthen You

    The presence and move of God is already here and will manifest once those ready and trained increase in number-- let one of them be you. Let God be the Lord in every decision you make, and let Him strengthen you so you can ...