The Prophetic Voice of Our Time

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The Prophetic Voice of Our Time is a weekly radio show hosted by Pastor Cristina Sosso. It airs every Saturday and Sunday on AM 630 the Word in South Texas at 5:00 PM. Join Pastor Cris as she covers a wide range of topics including: The United States of America, prophecy, developing a relationship with Jesus and more. New episodes are added to the podcast every Monday.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 506: Lessons on Prophecy

    Listen in as Pastor Cristina talks about our upcoming event, the Prophetic Gathering of The Saints, and some lessons we can learn about prophecy. We have to seek out that personal relationship with Him. We need to think of God and His reputation as ...


  2. Episode 505: Trust In God Instead of Man

    We in the Body of Christ have put too much of our trust in man. It is true that God used President Trump to introduce righteous changes in the earth. However, many in the Church began to rely on him and put all the focus on him instead of relying ...


  3. Episode 504: 2021 Thanksgiving Message

    We cannot get comfortable with our blessings and forget that God was the one who got us where we are. Gratitude keeps us grounded and keeps us from getting full of ourselves. We need to make a conscious effort to remind ourselves of what ...


  4. Episode 503: Obey God

    We need get comfortable being uncomfortable. We need to have the discipline to follow through and consistently obey. God is a faithful God. He is waiting on us; our obedience must be complete. ...


  5. Episode 502: Focus on God

    We need to focus and avoid distractions because time is of the essence. Be still; God wants to talk with you, give Him your time. ...